Wolf and Arrow Head Trail

Wolf Scout Achievements

Wolf scouts are for boys in the second grade. They will be working on twelve achievement for their wolf badge (see below). Once they have earned it, they move on to elective to earn a gold arrow point, and one or more silver arrow points

Adult partners (Akela) please sign your Scouts book after each achievement. Don’t forget to congratulate your Cub Scout for their hard work.

Wolf Trail Achievements

  1. Feats of Skill
  2. Your Flag
  3. Keep your Body Healthy
  4. Know your Home and Community
  5. Tools for Fixing and Building
  6. Start a Collection
  7. Your Living World
  8. Cooking and Eating
  9. Be Safe at Home and on the Street
  10. Family Fun
  11. Duty to God
  12. Making Choices

For more information refer to the wolf book. Some of the requirements can be finished during Den Meetings and outings. Many achievements (3, 10, & 12) need to be accomplished at home and are signed by Akela (parent). It’s the Cub Scout’s responsibility to keep up with the book/requirements. You can also find the list and information on all the achievement on the U.S. Scouting Service Project website.

Arrow Head Trail

At the end of your Cub Scout book there are electives which are used to earn points towards gold and silver arrow head badges. Many of these can be done at home. Look through them and sign any that you have done. Don’t forget to tell your den leader.

Wolf Charts For the Cub Scout

You can keep track of yours Wolf Cub achievements using the chart at the end of your book or you can use the following chart – Achievement and Arrow Head Trail Chart (wolf_achievement and electives PDF).

Charts for the following achievements

Wolf Charts For the Den Leader

Very simple Wolf Advancement charts have been made the for Den leader to help keep track of the cub scouts progress (Wolf_DenCharts PDF).

Advanced spreadsheets have already been made to help keep track of all the cubs in your den. CubTrax Advancement spreadsheets. Every Den Leader should take the time to look at these. They are very detailed and useful.

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